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Where the skin is in a state of disrepair and laser treatment isn’t sufficient to fix the problems then it might be necessary to consider having a photo facial.

Photo facials have the ability to make a more positive impact on the repair of deep seated skin problems that laser can’t often treat such as scarring, rosacea, broken capillaries and pigmentation problems that haven’t responded to laser treatment.

By delivering the treatment through the use of varying levels of wavelengths a photo facial can penetrate deeper into the skin and fix problems that other treatments can’t help.

The more treatments you get the better the results will be and it is generally recommended that a course of treatments will be necessary for optimum improvements to the skin.

The treatments don’t take long at all – usually about 30 minutes and you can return to work immediately afterwards. It is necessary to wear a sunscreen after treatment when venturing outside but that is a habit that you should have already if you intend to look your best as you age.

For some people with sensitive skin there can be a drying of the skin after treatment and commonly there can be redness that will go away after a short time.

The rejuvenating effect that photo facials can have may surprise some people as the results are often better than expected and the changes are fast compared with other alternative methods.

You will need to do some research before booking your treatment as it is only as good as the person doing it so recommendations from other happy customers are your best bet for a good result.

The initial consultation should include a thorough checkup of your skin and a discussion of any factors that concern you such as sensitivities that could affect the final outcome.

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