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Alcohol And Beauty

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A little alcohol won’t do you any harm, and in some circumstances it can actually be good for you in moderation but the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol will do very little for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Even those who are young, stupid and drink too much alcohol will find that various aspects of their health will deteriorate and they will age faster than those who are drinking in moderation.

Alcohol will dehydrate you and by drinking a lot of alcohol the effect of the dehydration is magnified which will cause the skin to become less hydrated and thereby dry and lifeless.

Applying moisturizers will not compensate for the lack of hydration from within.

Often excessive drinking is also associated with partying and other factors such as smoking (and even secondhand smoke from others at the parties) that will play havoc with the skin and cause it to age faster.

Lifestyle choices will affect your appearance and unhealthy lifestyles will be reflected in an unhealthy complexion and that is not the way to stay young.

It is not uncommon to see young guys and girls with excess fat around their waistlines these days and much of it can be attributed to consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.

While they might ‘get away with it’ while they are still young it will certainly take it’s toll as they age and if they continue to live in that manner they can’t hope to look as good as they should as the years pass by.

Drinking a lot of red wine will also stain the teeth and this gives them an aged look that certainly won’t enhance a person’s youthful appearance.

It is good to have fun in life and that will help to keep you young but there are always limits where a little more of something that feels good can make you look not so good in the long run.

Moderation is the key to success.

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