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Smoking The First 24 Hours

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The first 24 hours after you decide to quit smoking are the most difficult however provided you have planned for it you will have had in place all the support and actions that are required to help you to succeed.

This is the beginning of a new life where you will become healthier and be able to achieve more without the need for a crutch to get you through the day.
It is a path to freedom and all the other benefits that come with quitting smoking including more disposable income.

You need to believe that you will quit because your belief will be the cornerstone of your success.

If you created some affirmations in your quit smoking planning then now is the time to make use of them and maintain a positive attitude.

You won’t need to worry about picking up a cigarette because there shouldn’t be any available for you. Hopefully there will not be anyone else in your household who is still smoking as that makes matters a little bit more difficult but even if that is the situation you can succeed because you will realize all the benefits that your actions will bring to you.

You will most likely get cravings for a smoke but you need to understand that cravings are always only a very short term feeling that will go away within minutes.

Don’t be inclined to have a cigarette to get rid of the craving as simply waiting for a few minutes and focusing on something other than cigarettes will have the exact same effect – The cravings will go away.

Soon after you quit the cravings will be at their most frequent. As each day passes the cravings will become less frequent and they will also become less and less intense so once you get through the first day you can be happy in the knowledge that life will become easier.

In those first 24 hours it might seem like you are getting bombarded with cravings for a smoke – one after the other. The more activities you have arranged and the better you have managed your planning whereby there is less chance of any emotional stumbling blocks the easier you will find those first hours.

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