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Motivation Is The Key

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No matter what type of program you use to kick the smoking habit is isn’t going to happen unless you have the motivation to succeed.

A larger portion of the people who try to quit smoking do so because they know it is bad for their health but they really don’t have the right mindset to succeed. They really don’t want to stop because the addiction makes them feel good and almost everyone knows that quitting smoking is not something that is easy to do.

People will always seek pleasure and avoid pain and all quitting offers initially is more pain than pleasure. If only those same people could understand the potential for pain that they will suffer if they continue to smoke and get the health problems such as lung cancer that are associated with smoking.

The chance of successfully quitting smoking is considerably more if you have the desire to quit and the motivation to do so.

Before you even consider starting a program to stop smoking you should be concentrating on getting your plan in place and getting motivated to start and follow through. If you aren’t ready to do that then it is probably better to delay for a very short while until you really are ready as then you will have a chance of success.

Set a specific date when you will start and let others know that is what you are doing so you can also get some support structure in place before you start. It might even be worthwhile to tell friends and family that you might be a little bit grumpy around that time and you can apologize in advance and ask them to understand it is something that is very difficult to do.

By setting a specific date and creating your plan of action you are affirming in your mind the course that you will follow. Even powerful mind techniques like hypnosis that have proven to be highly effective at stopping people from smoking will have little chance of success if you don’t want to stop.

You have to have the desire and the motivation. With those two you will have a very powerful force against the evil of tobacco smoking.

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