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Have You Become Addicted To Smoking

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Most people won’t admit that they are addicted to smoking but acceptance of this addiction can help many to quit the habit sooner rather than later. You see there are three main components to the addiction of smoking and the first one of these is habit.

Humans are very habitual beings and once we do something over and over again it becomes a habit and habits are very difficult to break. A habit will usually have a strong physical and psychological component and these are the other two components that make up the addiction of smoking.

You might say that you can give up smoking but have you tried and if you have did it work or are you still smoking?
The reason that these questions need to be asked is because most people who have tried to quit will assume that they are a failure if they succumbed to the habit once again.

People who haven’t smoked usually can’t understand why someone who wants to stop hasn’t done so and continues to spend considerable amounts of money on something that they no longer enjoy and would like to stop.

Blaming yourself for this ‘failure’ won’t help the situation and it can cause some people to give up trying where the real problem lies in the cigarettes and not the person or their strength and willpower.

The fact that nicotine is so addictive is the real reason and even those people with incredible will power can struggle to stop.

You need to be ready to stop smoking and you need to believe that you want to stop and can stop.

You need to look for alternative methods for getting the same ‘fix’ that the cigarettes are giving you and you need to understand that smoking is a habit and only by addressing the habit and the emotions and situations that trigger the habit will you be able to finally quit.

It is not you that is stopping you from quitting. It is what the nicotine has done to you that has made it so difficult. Don’t blame yourself for the difficulty of quitting. Instead focus your attention on the habits that have been created and when these are addressed you will be one more step closer to quitting smoking for good.

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